This isn’t just another sofa. It’s going to help save the world.
You’re contributing to a greater and greener cause when you buy one of our sofas.
For every seat we sell, we will plant 10 trees,
bringing the fight against climate change into living rooms across the world.​

We get it. There are a million sofas out there, with thousands of fabrics, shapes and other opportunities to pick from – choosing the perfect one for you can be a real chore. And then transporting a sofa can be quite a challenge. So many things to consider about.
The good news is, we’ve done all of the hard work for you.
After thorough research, we’ve designed a single line of sofas created to suit the needs and tastes of almost everyone.
With an affordable price, a simple assembly process, honest and durable materials, this really is a sofa for the 21st century. And if that wasn’t enough, we’ll deliver it straight to you.
You choose only size and colour, and if longer sofa is needed later on, ordering an extension module is enough.

After all, this isn’t just another sofa.

Great Sofas for even Better People

Timeless craftmanship +
Timeless craftmanship +
Flexibility +
Handpicked fabrics +
Floor protection +
Easy to clean +
Resizable +
Specially chosen materials +
Long-lasting shape +
Convenient seat hight +
Solid birch frame +
rahu 3seat lilac

An understated minimalist designed, informed by modern living. Sofas will fit in anywhere

All of our sofas feature smooth and durable family-friendly fabric which comes in over 30 different colours

Each cushion is the same size with the same dimensions, so you can switch their positions however you want

One of the most important parts of any sofa is the frame. That’s we’ve created our tasteful solid wood frames to stand the test of time

The foam we use in our sofas is HR (high resilience) foam, carefully designed to quickly regain its shape post-pressure and retain its longevity

Our sofa cushions are filled with foam, padded with polyester fibre, to offer a comfy and robust medium-to-firm feel

Easy to extend sofas. Need longer sofa. No problem. Just get an extension module

Easy to get up

Cleaning home is a breeze. The raised base makes it simple to wipe underneath. Robot vacuum cleaner friendly

Under each leg on our sofas are felt pads, strategically placed to minimise any damage to the floor when you need to rearrange your living space

Free delivery
in EU



Arrives in a
few boxes

Reliable and


Positive furniture
for a Greener Planet

When you buy one of our sofas, you aren’t just buying a fantastic piece of furniture. You’re helping make a positive difference in the world.

Trees play a vital role in fight against climate change. Trees are the most efficient carbon sinks that nature has to offer; they absorb carbon dioxide and store the carbon, while releasing more oxygen into the atmosphere.

We love trees so much that for every sofa sold, we will directly plant 10 trees per seat. That means the more seats you buy, the more trees get planted.

We’ll plant them ourselves. This ensures that the money from your sofa purchase goes straight into the ground and into a forest of brand new trees.

We care about our planet.