Genuine Estonian design. Simple is the new cool

The beauty and the strength of the birch wood – which has been well-appreciated and used for centuries by Estonian and Nordic furniture craftsmen – in combination with modern Mediterranean outdoor living inspired the creation of the #rahusofa series. This is a genuine Estonian design.

Design. Simple is the new cool

The design of #rahusofas is simple, based on clean lines and geometry while bearing those features of Scandinavian minimalism.

The solid birch and the upholstered seat blend together perfectly; light wood frames the cushions, creating a perfectly balanced shape. The sofa stands with its feet firmly on the ground, solid and sturdy, yet looking light and airy despite the visible wooden frame.

The proportions and sizes of the sofas are perfect for just about any room of any size. The sofa doesn’t feel excessively robust or heavy as the outlined legs with the open base create an airy and floating appearance.

Sofas are designed to look nice and well finished from all sides and angles, allowing them to be placed in the middle of the room and not just next to the wall, as is the case with many sofas. The visible wooden frame brings warmth, cosiness, and a sense of nature to the room, while variations in wood grain, texture, and other naturally occurring characteristics that are inherent to solid wood make each wooden frame unique.

The functionality of the sofa is as important to us as the design. In fact, the functionality is actually a direct outcome of clever design. All rahusofas:

  • have two cushions per seat as this is the best solution. Separate cushions are a great choice if you want to maximize seating space! All the cushions of our sofas are the same size with the same dimensions, meaning you can switch their positions as you like.
  • ship flat in recyclable cardboard boxes and can be carried by just one person. The heaviest box weighs around 15kg (33 pounds) and fits through just about any door, meaning narrow stairways and corridors aren’t a problem. No movers required, making this a super convenient solution for city dwellers.
  • assemble very easily in minutes without specific tools or instructions. They can also be disassembled just as easily if they need to be moved to another place or home.
  • are extendable with our unique game-changing extension-module. It’s possible to start with the smaller 1-seat sofa and end up with a 4- or 5-seater. Actually, this sofa has no maximum length as it is designed in such a way that each seat supports itself. It can therefore be extended indefinitely.
  • most of the parts are replaceable if needed; the wooden frame consists of separate parts and the cushion covers are removable. As the cushion covers are removable, you can always order other colour covers to refresh your home or space.
  • have a sturdy solid birch frame, HR foam cushions, and durable, family-friendly upholstery. All of these things make for a sofa which stands the test of time.
  • come with a convenient seat height and seating depth.
  • Have felt pads under each sofa leg. This way, the floor is protected from scratches that the sofa legs might cause when being pushed or moved.
  • are friendly to vacuum cleaning robots, allowing them easy and unhindered access.
  • are sustainable and Earth-friendly. For every seat we sell, we plant 10 trees. This brings the fight against climate change into living rooms across the world.

rahusofas are designed and produced in Estonia. Many know Estonia as the birthplace of or have heard of its five start-up unicorn companies, such as Skype, Playtech, Tranferwise, Bolt (formerly Taxify), and Pipedrive. It is also known as a successful E-country with its e-ESTonia platform and recognised worldwide for its start-up scene known as #EstonianMafia.

However, Estonia also has long traditions of furniture making and carpentry. The wood industry as a whole is well developed and smart over here, starting with forestry and ending with innovative value-added products such as prefabricated houses for the harsh Scandinavian conditions, structural wooden building components, all kinds of furniture, solutions for green energy production, etc.