A good sofa does not have to be expensive

What makes sofas expensive? Mostly the fees and the mark-ups of the middlemen (such as furniture agents, wholesalers, retailers, property owners, financiers, etc.) and the need to maintain the supply chain of brick-and-mortar stores. Those fees multiply the price of the sofa – in some cases, even tripling or quadrupling the initial cost. To lower that price, cheaper solutions are often implemented at the expense of materials, technical solutions, sustainability, design, etc. This includes using materials which are shorter-lasting or less durable, like chipboard instead of solid wood, Polyurethane foam instead of HR foam, fabrics with poor wear resistance, synthetic materials instead of natural ones, cheap labour in faraway countries, poor build quality, etc. All these things, in turn, decrease the life of your sofa.

For a reasonable price? You might get an inferior sofa. If you want good quality – well-built, long-lasting furniture – then you’ll probably have to pay much more.

With #rahusofas, that isn’t the case.

We design, produce, sell, and ship each #rahusofa without any third parties looking to sneak a slice of your money.

There’s no doubt that honestly-sourced and durable sofas cost money through the sourcing of sustainable quality materials (such as solid wood, high resilience foam, cardboard boxes made from recycled paper, etc.) and skilled local craftsmen (instead of underpaid labourers working in poor conditions). However, you are skipping the middlemen fees and multi-level mark-ups when buying a sofa directly from us, meaning you get quality materials and a good sofa for an honest price. This way, you get a time-proofed (long-term) sofa and you only pay for the essentials – the craft, the materials, and the costs of running a sustainable business.

Also, #rahusofas aren’t bulky and don’t require expensive freight shipment and several movers to carry it, as most regular sofas do. Our smartly designed and easily assembled sofas come in a few boxes and ship flat. This in turn allows us to lower the transportation costs and ship it anywhere in the world – yet another saving for the customer.

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