rahusofas – new modern sofa brand for a greener planet

Easy to assemble, sustainable, flat-pack furniture with the Direct-to-Client sales model is becoming the new normal for the furniture industry. Also, running a business with purpose at its core is important for us. rahuTM – greener planet is a modern sofa brand; we’ve set ourselves the goal of being much greater than just another sofa company. rahusofas are going to help save the world. Besides making great modern sofas, we are actively contributing to building a greener planet by planting trees for carbon offset. For every seat we sell, we will plant 10 trees, bringing the fight against climate change into living rooms across the world. A healthy planet provides us all with peace of mind.

modern sofa
rahu 2-seater sofa – Lime

The word “rahu” comes from the Estonian language and means calm, quiet, or peace. rahu is associated with the Estonian words “rahulikkus”, meaning peace of mind, calmness, peacefulness, and serenity, and “rahulolu”, meaning contentment, satisfaction, and complacency. rahu, rahulikkus, rahuolu – all are soothing and beautiful-sounding words.

We know that finding the right sofa is a difficult and stressful task. We’ve spent a lot of time analysing a variety of information about people’s needs, expectations, desires, reluctancies, dislikes, fears, and behaviours. We’ve also inspected and tried out a huge quantity of different materials for the sofa and worked with the dimensions; we believe that we’ve managed to design a single line of modern sofas which suit the needs and tastes of many people.

We’ve even managed to solve the standard problems of bulky sofas – needing at least couple of people to move it, the expensive and difficult nature of transporting it not to mention the huge impact on the environment, that it won’t fit in a regular car, it’s inconvenient, and in many cases, it’s even impossible to manoeuvre it in the hallways, stairways, and corridors of most city buildings.

We believe that we’ve introduced the world to a modern sofa which comes with the right dimensions, offers comfortable seating, is visually pleasing, suits rooms of different sizes, is made of durable and high-quality materials, is easily handleable, ships flat, is extendable and repairable if needed, is sold directly and without intermediate parties and additional mark-ups, and – most importantly – fights climate change and contributes to a greener planet.

We believe that people’s experiences with rahusofas – which are well-crafted, long-lasting, comfortable to sit on, hassle-free, and earth-friendly – will lead them to the state of mind of rahu. Purchasing a rahusofa will provide customers with peace of mind in the knowledge that they have done something very important for the sake of our planet. With their very own rahusofa, they can let go of all the silly little details that just make things more complicated, relaxing on their snug and restful sofa.

On rahusofas you can rest assured, knowing that you’re playing your part in protecting our planet.

rahu is all about calmness, peace of mind, feeling good, relaxing, calming down, satisfaction, resting, chilling with your friends, soul-searching, spending time with your family or loved ones, and giving back to nature and the planet.

rahusofas come from the land of the forests. Forests cover about half of our territory, which is around 2 million hectares; forestry and carpentry are deeply rooted here. The wood industry as a whole is well-developed and smart, starting with forestry and ending with innovative value-added products such as prefabricated houses for the harsh Scandinavian conditions, structural wooden building components, all kinds of furniture, solutions for green energy production, start-ups and hackathons trying to solve the problems and improve the industry, etc. rahusofas are designed and produced in Estonia. This is a genuine Estonian product resulting from genuine Estonian artistry.

Many know Estonia as the birthplace of start-ups – or have at least heard of its five start-up unicorn companies, such as Skype, Playtech, Tranferwise, Bolt (formerly Taxify), and Pipedrive. It is also known as a successful E-country with its e-ESTonia platform and recognised worldwide for its start-up scene known as #EstonianMafia. Actually, Estonia has the highest number of unicorn companies per capita compared to any other country in the world. However, Estonia also has long traditions of furniture making and carpentry; solid wood has been well-appreciated and used for centuries in our carpenters’ furniture and cabinets. This means our skilled craftsmen know how to handle it. The beginning of Estonian furniture manufacturing dates back to the 1870s, when Luterma furniture fabric was established.

Ingenuity has been inherent to Estonians for centuries. Here are a few examples: as furniture industrialists needed new methods of mechanized wood processing, the specialist waterproof wood glue was invented in Estonia in the 1890s by the Luther furniture company. This invention led to ground-breaking innovation in the plywood industry and enriched the furniture industry of Europe with new opportunities. In the 1930s, the revolutionary original miniature photo camera Minox, which was highly appreciated among spies, was invented in Estonia by Walter Zapp. Since then, all spies – including James Bond himself – have been able to spy and photograph classified documents without fear of being caught.

Nowadays, Estonia is a rapidly developing country in Northern Europe. Nordic values such as simplicity, naturality, eco-friendliness, sustainability, upcycling, and recycling are deeply appreciated and implemented here. The creative industry is growing quickly, strongly, and widely. Many schools are offering good design education, while wide collaborations with creative people across the world are raising the level of Estonian design year-on-year.