Why is an open base sofa a good choice for your next sofa purchase?

The outlined legs with the open base create an airy and floating appearance, meaning the open base sofa doesn’t feel excessively robust or heavy. Big sofas usually look overwhelming in a small room, but a big(ger) sofa with visible legs and an open base is more lightweight and less intrusive from a visual point of view. This means it better fits into smaller rooms as it keeps the space looking open.

An open base sofa is perfect for a smaller rooms and apartments
rahu 3-seater sofa – Lilac

An open base sofa which can be assembled would be the perfect choice for city and apartment dwellers who have to deal with medium-to-small size apartments or flats, teeny hallways, narrow corridors and staircases, and small elevators. Nowadays, apartments and living rooms are getting smaller and smaller. Studies have shown, for instance, that city dwellers may find that a shorter sofa is better – not only for smaller living rooms, but also because they are easier – or even possible – to move as they can fit in elevators and hallways. This decision is based not only on the fact that the apartment building has narrow corridors and other furniture cannot fit through, but also that movers are required to carry bulky furniture. However, shorter and smaller sofas often end up being too small, meaning and people have to just get by instead of having a great seating experience.

Nobody likes dust at home and under the furniture. However, dust is harmful to the health; it evokes allergies and tiny particles in dust have been linked to different illnesses. We are constantly faced with a situation where dust consistently comes out from under the furniture – and most furniture, including the majority of couches and sofas, sit so low to the ground that it’s very difficult to sweep under them. You end up having to move your bulky, heavy furniture in order to reach the dust and clean it. It’s not even possible in some cases. The open base of the sofa (or raised base), allows you to easily sweep the dust underneath it. It’s even friendly to vacuum-cleaning robots! When you spot dust, can you immediately take action without any extra effort.

rahusofa flatpack sofa solutions are ideal for city dwellers. Our sofas ship in cardboard boxes which can be handled by just one person. Each box weighs 15 kg (33 pounds) or less and fits through just about any door, meaning narrow stairways and corridors aren’t a problem. No movers are required and the sofa is easily assembled in minutes. It can also be easily disassembled, if needed, when it’s time to switch flats or move to another home. Nobody wants to leave their sofa behind, but moving a sofa is usually quite a task. With rahusofa, this isn’t the case anymore.

Take a look how we’ll deliver the sofa to you and how it assembles. If you are not sure which colour is right for you, order free fabric swatches.


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