Super easy assembly

In order to reduce the ecological footprint and lower the final price of the product we ship our sofas flat. Sofa will be delivered to you in cardboard boxes which are bonded together and form a single package. If it is inconvenient to carry the whole package into the premises you simply can cut the binding ribbons and carry the boxes into premises one by one and start with the assembly process.

Furniture should be assembled easily and it is super easy to assemble rahuTM sofas



All you do is:

  • attach dowels (push in the wooden dowels and screw in metal ones) to the frame;
  • put the frame together (pay attention to the backrest /wooden detail without horizontal cutout/ and frame rail /wooden detail with horizontal cutout/ positions – backrest goes to the top of the frame and the frame rail goes to the lower part of the frame) and
  • tighten the locking wheels (pay attention to the arrows on the locking wheels. When putting the frame together the arrows on locking wheel should be directed to the tip of the detail (pointed towards dowel)). Turn the locking wheel clockwise direction pprox.. 1/5 of a turn (do not use electric drill for this operation as you may damage or break the locking wheel);
  • place seating plates and cushions



Please remember to take care of your furniture. In order to keep the furniture looking at its best, cleaning of the furniture is important. Regular cleaning and appropriate maintenance of the furniture can prolong the life cycle of it. See recommendations here