Delivering #rahusofas – free delivery inside EU mainland

Wondering how we are delivering our sofas and how you’ll receive ordered #rahusofa?

You want a durable sofa of good quality at an honest price. And that’s what we deliver with our sofas. We want you not only to be happy with your purchase but also to know where it came from and how it got to you.

We design and produce everything locally, and then we sell and ship each sofa without any intermediate parties. That means no middlemen, such as retailers, sales agents, distributors and no multi-level mark-ups which drive up the price of the product. It’s just us. We get to offer you sofas at an honest price; you get the peace of mind in knowing that you only pay for the essentials – the craft, the quality materials, and the costs of running a sustainable business.

These are the steps and activities involved in ordering, producing, and receiving your sofa.

Your payments are safe when ordering from us. The payment channel is encrypted at a high level and we neither receive nor store your payment and/or credit card information. To securely manage and process your payments, we collaborate with Stripe. Stripe is a global payments platform trusted and used by millions of businesses around the world — from start-ups to large enterprises — for its solutions to the accepting and management of payments.

After placing your order, we will confirm receipt via e-mail and immediately begin processing your order. It’s at this point that we start crafting your #rahusofas. The completion of your sofa will take approximately 3-4 weeks.

Experienced carpenters will complete your sofa frame. Great care is taken to ensure that every detail of each sofa frame is designed and crafted to perfection. A careful human touch is present in every piece of the frame.

The frame of the sofa should be made of durable materials. A well-made sofa frame is a skeleton that keeps all the parts together and in place. The frame should be strong and robust. We produce all #rahusofas frames and seating plates from birch, a hard native hardwood. This is a material that’s strong, warm, natural, sustainable, and has served well throughout history and to the modern-day. Birch timber guarantees a long-lasting, durable, reliable and beautiful frame for #rahusofas.

A sewist will start working with the fabric – they pick the right colour from our 30+ colour selection, inspect the fabric to ensure there are no defects, cut out the cushion covers using a stencil for precise results, and sew the cushion covers for your #rahusofa. Another craftsman will start padding solid blocks of quality HR foam with the batting. After the upholstery and sewing preparation works are completed, the padded foam meets the covers to form beautiful, durable sofa cushions which offer a comfortable and robust medium-to-firm-feel seating experience.

All our cushions are made from high-quality, durable, medium-to-firm feel HR foam (also known as High Resilience foam) which is carefully designed to quickly regain its shape post-pressure and retain its longevity. The foam is CertiPUR-certified (the safety, health, and environment label). Our sofa cushions are for people who need a supportive seat and don’t want to worry about a cushion holding its original shape. All #rahusofas cushions are constructed with a supportive core made of solid block HR foam surrounded by soft layers of polyester fibre. These cushions provide a soft seat, are supportive, and won’t flatten out. These are good at holding their shape and don’t require much maintenance. Our customers have even reached out to let us know that the firmness of the cushions is just right (you don’t sink into but you’re not sitting on a hard surface). Even sleeping on those cushions is comfortable.

The fabric we use on our sofa cushions is in it for the long run. It is family-friendly, durable and easy to maintain, back coated with heavy fleece to reach a soft feeling and to give the readymade product a nice finish. It’s also wonderfully smooth, a delight to touch. Our fabric is Eco-Tex certified for safety and meets the demands of Swedish Möbelfakta.

rahu sofa assembly - step 1
delivering #rahusofas in boxes

When the sofa frame and cushions are completed, we will check all pieces one more time to ensure everything is in order. We will then pack the sofa parts into cardboard boxes and deliver the sofa to you. In order to reduce the ecological footprint and avoid outrageous freight fees, we ship our sofas flat.
After dispatching your order, we will send you an e-mail containing shipment tracking information. Delivery to EU countries takes approximately 1 week, the rest of the world 2-3 weeks.

We offer street-level delivery. The sofa comes in handy boxes for effortless handling. No movers are necessary. Sofa boxes can be handled by just one person. You’ll receive two more boxes than the number of seats you ordered. The sofa boxes are bonded together and form a single package. If handling the whole package is inconvenient, you can cut the binding ribbons and carry the boxes into your home one by one. Each box weighs about 15kg (~33 pounds) or less and fits through just about any door, meaning narrow stairways, corridors, and small elevators aren’t a problem.

The assembly of the sofa is easy and can be done by one person without special tools.

Shop #rahusofas or order free fabric swatches to get a feel for our fabrics in real life.

Please remember to take care of your furniture. In order to keep the furniture looking its best, cleaning is important. Regular cleaning and appropriate maintenance of your furniture can prolong its life cycle. See recommendations here.

You can always contact us at with any issues or questions.