Delivering rahusofa. Free delivery inside EU

Wondering how we are delivering our sofas and how you’ll receive ordered rahusofa?

In order to reduce the ecological footprint and avoid outrageous freight fees, we ship our sofas flat.

After dispatching your order, we will send you an email with tracking information.

You’ll receive two more boxes than the number of seats you ordered. All boxes will be bonded together and form a single package.
If it is inconvenient for you to carry the whole package into the premises you simply can cut the binding ribbons and carry the boxes into premises one by one. Each box fits through just about any door. The heaviest box weighs about 15 kg (~33 pounds).

#rahusofa assembles in minutes and you won’t need special tools or complex instructions to build it and you can take sofa easily back apart and move it into your next home and assemble it again.

Shop rahu sofas or order free fabric swatches to get a feel for our fabrics in real life.

Please remember to take care of your furniture. In order to keep the furniture looking at its best, cleaning of the furniture is important. Regular cleaning and appropriate maintenance of the furniture can prolong the life cycle of it. See recommendations here

You can always contact us at with any issues or questions.



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